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Travel companion service

Imagine that you no longer need to spend a lot on taxis. Sit in the morning and wait for the empty car when you are already late for work.
All of this can be implemented. We offer you 'passing trips'. The travel companion service will not only save you time searching for a car, but most importantly, your money.
Taxi companion is an ideal solution for those in a hurry and not ready to wait for an individual order. It is not so easy to find a passing car on your own, and there are a lot of risks. And when travel companions are picked up by a call center operator along a similar route, the risks are reduced to zero.
Our taxi has a lot of advantages. Judge for yourself:
We offer accessibility, safety and speed. Our service takes care of its customers even in such trifles as saving money on your account. Just call our number and within three minutes the operator will call you back.
In addition to the basic services, our taxi offers additional:
I want to analyze the latest service in more detail. When you communicate with a call center operator, you must agree to a joint trip. You will be picked up by a fellow traveler and will be given a 20% discount on the trip.
Being a fellow traveler is not only profitable, but also fun. You can make new and useful acquaintances on the way to the office, beach or airport.
If you do not want to push around in public transport, but to get to work comfortably without overpaying: fellow travelers will be an excellent solution to the problem. You get to work with comfort in the company, without deviating from the route and save money.
Use the services of our taxi. Move around the city quickly and comfortably. Save your money by choosing joint trips around the city.