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Service Transportation of animals

One of Star Taxi's services is pet transportation. We can make the trip for you and your pet comfortable, because transportation of animals is a responsible event. To avoid some disagreements with the taxi driver and make the trip enjoyable for both yourself and your pet, you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules for transporting animals in a taxi. They can also be used when traveling in a private car.
Tips and regulations for transporting pets:
A taxi driver has the right to refuse to provide animal transportation services if the owner does not comply with the basic transportation rules.
As for the rules for transporting dogs in a car, it is important to tell the driver the size of the dog. A large animal should be placed in the back seat of the car or on the floor in front of the seat. So the dog to a lesser extent will feel shaking when moving the car. Particularly easier to tolerate a trip in this position impressionable animals. At the same time, the owner of the animal should be nearby, calming and stroking the animal. Dogs are also transported in the car only if the animal has a muzzle. Small dogs are best transported in a special carry.
The rules for transporting cats state the need to carry with a solid bottom or cages with a pallet. If the cat is transported in a bag, then it should be with a rubberized bottom. Down under the cat, it is necessary to lay an absorbent diaper or, if possible, put a tray. You can try to massage the cat or talk to her in a calm voice.
Before the trip, explain to the driver what scares your pet, ask him to close the windows in the car to avoid drafts, or turn off the loud music, if necessary.
Remember that the meaning of these rules and tips comes down to ensuring the safety of transportation and maintaining sanitary and hygienic requirements for the interior of the car.