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Information for employees

Especially to support each of its driver, StarTaxi has developed an advanced loyalty program:


A flexible system of discounts when refueling at one of the partner networks is 2-3 hryvnia per liter.
Spare parts and accessories
Discounts up to 30% when purchasing auto parts from partner companies.
Discount on car wash services from StarTaxi partners up to 30%.
Vehicle insurance
The driver receives up to 20% discount on car insurance from partner companies.
Legal and legal support in case of an accident
The emergency commissioner of the company will address the issues if there is a problem on the roads.
Car service
Free service to the service station during the passage of the mandatory monthly maintenance.
Cooperation with StarTaxi for more than three months, as well as compliance with established service standards, allows drivers to obtain the necessary consumables and undergo a comprehensive vehicle maintenance at the expense of the company.

Itaxi provides an individual approach to repairing your car.


Straightening, skewing the body on modern equipment - dozer and stocks.
Painting of any complexity, paint selection, body polishing in a professional camera.
Bumper repair.
Gluing glasses (replacement).
Running gear repair.
Engine overhaul.
Overhaul gearbox.
Installation and maintenance of HBO.