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Service Courier delivery

Courier delivery from Star Taxi on favorable terms is a new service for residents of Odessa and the region.

What can a courier

Each of us faced a situation where you need to be in several places at the same time and still do not have time to do something. Some urgent matters can be shifted to the shoulders of others. It is enough to call the courier to deliver, breed, hand or pick up oversized items.
Courier services are useful if you need to deliver:
We offer regular delivery of correspondence by courier for companies and entrepreneurs who have branches or representatives in the cities of the region. Through couriers, accounting, commodity and reporting documents that cannot be sent by e-mail are transmitted.
Urgent courier delivery in the city is a significant savings in personal time. We accept and execute orders at any time of the day on weekdays and holidays.
The basic principles of work:
We offer several examples of problems that were solved with the help of a courier:
We offer all users of the service to leave their feedback and tell their story of cooperation with the courier service.

How to order courier services

For those who have previously used the services of Star Taxi taxi service, calling a courier is quite simple. They already have a telephone in their phones by which an application can be made. All others can:
You can order a courier’s call to your home, office, store, hotel, train station or other place and name the time you need to drive to.
The cost of courier delivery is approximately at the level of taxi services with a surcharge for performing additional operations (receiving goods, accepting payment from the recipient, etc.).

Who can use the service

We work with citizens and legal entities and accept payment in cash, on a card or by transfer of non-cash funds.
Calculation Methods: