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Auto Help Service

The road is unpredictable, even for experienced car owners. The engine stalled, the generator belt “flew”, the engine overheated. The reasons that can create obstacles to further movement on the car, you can list endlessly. But how to throw your faithful iron horse somewhere in the middle of a road in an unfamiliar area?
Our company offers an optimal way out of the situation. Take advantage of the service - car assistance on the road. A qualified mechanic will come to any point in Odessa and Odessa region and will start the engine, open the lock and other repair work. In the absence of technical ability to provide auto assistance on the spot, we will deliver your car to our car service for repairs or at any specified point. All you need is just to call a specialist by phone listed on the site.

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StarTaxi ambulance is your roadside support!
While you were reading, a mechanic / tow truck arrived. It's time to hit the road again.