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Star Taxi - taxi in Odessa

While living in a bustling city, we all often make out a taxi order online; This convenient option helps out in a variety of cases:

  • important negotiations;
  • birthday;
  • a trip to the airport;
  • meeting of relatives.

We can say that a cheap taxi is used in almost any situation in life and today this service is   at a cost is available to absolutely anyone. It is a worthy alternative to travel by public transport, as well as exempt from the services of private cars.

If you are interested in a cheap taxi in the city of Odessa & ndash; We offer to pay attention to your service and take advantage of a quick taxi call.

Want to order a taxi in Odessa to transport things or travel – Do not contact the elite VIP agency – Choose an economy option and do not save on quality. Our company is the best economy taxi in Odessa, which guarantees high quality services and impeccable service.

A few reasons to contact Star Taxi

If you value your time and are not ready to overpay money for the trip, please contact our service. The company is working to create the most comfortable conditions for the order, convenient software was specially developed for this, and specialists are working to maintain it at the highest technical level. We have long worked to ensure that customers can easily and easily call a good taxi and conveniently get to anywhere in the city.

We stand out among competitors by several criteria that our customers like:

  1. Reviews are counted. Operators monitor feedback and work on errors, which makes the service even more perfect.
  2. Clean modern cars. Drivers monitor not only the technical condition of the car, but also its cleanliness from the outside inside.
  3. Quick chime to your number. For your savings, we call the customer’s phone in minutes. Call our main number and wait for the operator to call back.
  4. Polite drivers who know how to count time. We hire drivers not only with extensive driving experience, but also a high service culture.
  5. Attentive operators. Operators call a taxi carefully listen to the wishes, fix the address, call the prices for the trip and fares.
  6. Fast round-the-clock delivery of cars, comfort trips.
  7. Large fleet of vehicles, which significantly minimizes the time of the car supply.

Call a taxi cheaply, using our online service via the Internet or by phone, and our driver will take you to any point of the city on the shortest routes. The pricing policy of the company will allow you to move cheaply, comfortably and quickly, for regular customers there are special offers, discounts, promotions and bonuses.

Our advantages

We try for each of our customers!

How we are working

Everything is very fast and easy!

Our rates

We have the best value for money service!

35 UAH

Included 5 km, then 4.5 UAH / km


Dacia Logan MCV, Renault Logan MCV, Dacia Logan, Renault Logan

We guarantee:

Fast, comfortable and safe ride

Optimal cost

Polite, professional staff

Star Taxi от 35 грн. Одесса
Одесса +38(063)9991599 +38(067)9991499 +38(048)7773999


Be a part of our team!

Additional services

In addition to basic services, we provide additional services!

  • sober
    Sober driver
    A sober driver service differs from a traditional order in that
    a trip is made on the customer’s car. A professional
    driver gets behind the wheel of your car and delivers not only
    you, but also your car to the specified address and time.
  • currier
    Express delivery
    Star Taxi service at any time will deliver your documents,
    correspondence, flowers and other small loads to the specified address in any point of Odessa and the region.
  • autohelp
    Auto help
    On the way, the driver may be taken aback by unforeseen
    situations. And in such cases, there is now an optimal solution -
    to apply for help to the Star Taxi order service. You will not have to wait
    for a long time, in a few minutes a specialist will come to you and help
    to solve the problem.
  • animal
    Transport of animals
    There are cases when it is necessary for your pet
    to be taken to a veterinary clinic for vaccination or to go to
    an exhibition. In this case, Star Taxi offers transportation services
    of animals. Take your pet with you and don’t worry about the cost of the trip.
  • sober
    In Odessa, there are often difficulties with calling a taxi during peak hours, in bad weather, when closing streets, all because there are simply not enough working free cars for all customers. For such situations, we have a service fellow traveler. When you call a taxi, you agree to a joint trip, drive in a company without deviating from the route, and save 20% of the fare.
Information for corporate clients : we work by bank transfer, ready to take your employees to all cities of Ukraine, after signing the contract.

Business Owners : manage a hotel, beauty salon, entertainment center, bar, restaurant, book your taxi to your customers and get bonuses.
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Star Taxi Service Information!

Star Taxi services have been valued by passengers and have been used for a long time and successfully. The high level of service and professionalism of drivers can be widely used in organizing business trips.
We monitor the quality of our services. If you don’t like something or have an idea how to improve our service, we’ll be happy to hear your complaints and suggestions. Your feedback is very important to us!

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